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Audi Q7 - 7 Seats

Categoria: Suv


The Audi Q7 7 Seater is a luxury SUV with seven seats, elegant, powerful, modern, able to provide high-performance, very close to that of a sports car.

If you are looking for a luxury SUV Audi Q7 7 Seater is the ideal car, the first off-road vehicle to be created by the famous car with four-wheel drive.

As you would expect from a car Audi branded this model is equipped with multiple safety, features, airbags for all passengers to the ESP system for traction control.

The driving pleasure is guaranteed by an ergonomic dashboard, with controls at your fingertips and greater exposure.

The design remains true to Audi’s most famous and celebrated, recalling some specific areas such as the floor, the mechanical layout and the single-frame grille, which distinguishes the newer models. A luxury car with incredible performance, able to compete on par with other large SUVs such as the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz M-Class.

The Audi Q7 7 Seater SUV is one of the largest and most comfortable on the market, able to score four out of five stars in crash tests dell’EuroNCAP 2006 so beautiful and powerful that appear in the popular Top Gear program.

Our service covers all major European cities, such as Rome, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Zurich, that we can achieve in a short time, with expert assistance throughout the period of the lease.

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