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1) Access to the website

Access, consultation and use of the website pages of Top Car Luxury involve the acceptance by the user of the content of this Disclaimer.

The content of this site-including data information, pictures, graphics, designs, trademarks and domain names are the property of Top Car Luxury, unless otherwise stated copyright and the law of property industrial.

The user is not granted any license or right to use and therefore are not allowed to record such contents-in whole or in part on any kind of support, to copy, to publish, use them for commercial purposes without written permission of preventive Top Car Luxury prejudice to the possibility of making a copy for personal use only.

2) Information appearing

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Top Car Luxury care that the information contained in the site meet the requirements of reliability, correctness, accuracy, timeliness and complete.

In any case, Top Car Luxury does not assume and hereby disclaims any and all responsibility for errors, omissions found within published content, whether derived from material errors or misprints of stamp, data imputation, shaping or scan.

The same considerations is apply to the content received at the site, products to other companies for which Top Car Luxury relies.

3) Images of the cars

The images of cars on this website for rental, for privacy reasons are not those real in real way, but correspond to the same model.

4) Rental costs

The prices listed in each tab does not include the cost of delivery and pick-up that varies according to the chosen location.

5) Responsibility of the user

Top Car Luxury is not responsible for the data and news published when processed by third parties and the content of any other site that can be accessed from the same website or through which you can access this site.

Top Car Luxury does not assume any responsibility for any decisions based on information contained in the above-mentioned website remains the responsibility of the visitor or for any loss or damage, direct or indirect that may arise from the use of that website and the information published.

6) Update Content

The documents contained in the above-mentioned website may be subject to change at any time without notice.

Top Car Luxury also not responsible for the failure to use the Site, the delay in updating the related information, nor for damages arising from any interruptions, delays or dysfunctions in the Site due to electricity or telephone services or from the malfunctioning of the Internet, or any other cause beyond the control of Top Car Luxury.

For any information or explanations, please contact the personnel listed in the “contact” section of the Site.