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Car Camera Control


Every luxury car that comes with Top Car Luxury is in excellent condition, subjected to a mechanical check periodically for guarantee the most high performance and maximum comfort.

These are Luxury car and prestigious manufacturers, then at the time of rental is due for a deposit to cover any damage, as well as insured against third party, fire and theft.


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The security deposit will be returned after verification of the integrity of the car, and it is for this reason that we use the system control camera car.

This is an innovative, specialy designed to protect the client in the very delicate phase, that of the return of the vehicle which conditions must be subject of evaluation.

With a special camera, at the time of delivery we carry out a shooting outside and inside the car, recording the conditions of integrity and any imperfections.

In this way the customer is assured of having faithfully record the actual condition of the car with finding the imperfections or damage that will then be charged when returning.


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